Facelift for the Marina

We have the unique perspective of owning restaurants on both the Third Street Promenade and in Marina del Rey. When we opened Teasers in Santa Monica more than a decade ago, the Promenade was a rundown pedestrian mall. Over the years, we've seen the area flourish as new shopping and entertainment venues lured both locals and tourists. The area is now thriving and has become a model for similar projects around the world.

As owners of the newer Tony P's Dockside Grill in Marina del Rey, we are thrilled that much-needed renovations are planned for the area ("Marina del Renovation," June 21). Unfortunately, people don't have much reason to visit the Marina anymore, but with the planned improvements, they will once again discover what our customers already know: that Marina del Rey offers one of the most spectacular harbor views in the world.

We know first hand that such projects can accomplish great things and look forward to the renovations in the Marina.



Tony P's Dockside Grill

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