Dear Community Leaders,

The ground-shaking events of the past several weeks — sparked by the death of George Floyd and subsequent demonstrations that have prompted hundreds of thousands to raise their voices for social and racial justice — have opened hearts and minds.

As our communities look for ways to move forward constructively, the need to effect change has never been greater. The business world is uniquely positioned to help drive that change — particularly in Los Angeles.

The Los Angeles Business Journal firmly believes that our Community of Business, an extensive and compassionate network of forward-looking companies and visionary leaders, can play an important role at this crucial time.

That’s why, in an effort to improve dialogues and open opportunities, the Business Journal is proud to support and partner with the Greater Los Angeles African American Chamber of Commerce.

For the next month, starting with this week’s issue, we’re donating full-page advertisements to the chamber to help promote black-owned businesses throughout our region. The first ad appears on page 5.

In coming weeks, you’ll have the privilege of learning about 15 amazing companies that have been chosen by GLAAACC for its annual Business Evolution Program, an intensive mentorship initiative that pairs entrepreneurs with corporate leaders to provide resources to small black-owned businesses.

As a community, we should be engaging with these companies, as well as with the spectrum of other black-owned businesses in Los Angeles.

By finding ways to lift up key segments of our Community of Business, we strengthen not only those companies but the entirety of Los Angeles along with it.


Josh Schimmels

Publisher & CEO

Scott Robson


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