Peter Maurice and Tregg Rustad
Peter Maurice/Tregg Rustad
Rodeo Realty, Inc.

With a sales volume in 2020 of $100,225,852, trusted advocates Peter Maurice and Tregg Rustad provide keen strategy, skilled negotiation and market insight to help their clientele achieve outstanding outcomes. Informed decision making, with a clear understanding of the various options available, are two key earmarks of their service. Although real estate transactions invariably require high stakes and sometimes stressful decisions, Maurice and Rustad counsel their clients in a personal, candid and supportive manner. Whether working to sell a property or identifying the right purchase opportunity, the goal is always the same: to make the experience as seamless, remunerative and as enjoyable as possible. No matter how complex or difficult, their objective for every sale is to make the process look easy and to deliver a result that always looks out for their clients’ best interests. 

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