Los Angeles County is filling up with new luxury apartments that, according to most experts, many working- and middle-class residents can’t afford. Solving the affordability problem, and by extension, the homelessness crisis, will require the addition of less-expensive residences. The following projects are designed to add much-needed affordable units to L.A.’s rental market.

HiFi Collective
Once completed, the project will have 63 supportive housing units and one manager’s unit. Supportive housing combines affordable housing with services for vulnerable populations, such as people who were previously homeless. HiFi will also house Search to Involve Pilipino Americans’ headquarters on the first floor.
Developer: Linc Housing Corp.
Architect: D33 Design & Planning Inc.
Address: 3200 W. Temple St., Westlake
Estimated Completion Date: Early 2022
Estimated Cost: $35.7 million

The Nook
The Nook will have 27 units for 18- to 24-year-olds in need of stable housing. It is being built at a former library site. Jovenes Inc. will provide case management for residents. 
Developer: Linc Housing Corp.
Architect: VTBS Architects
Address: 14433 Leffingwell Road, South Whittier
Estimated Completion Date: Mid-2022
Estimated Cost: $15 million

Fairview Heights
The project will have 101 affordable and supportive units. It also will have 5,000 square feet of retail space.
Developer: Linc Housing Corp. and National Core
Architect: KFA
Address: 923 E. Redondo Blvd., Inglewood
Estimated Completion Date: Late 2021
Estimated Cost: $50.8 million

La Veranda
The project, which is under construction, will have 38 affordable units, 38 supportive units and one manager unit, in addition to retail space.
Developer: Abode Communities
Architect: Abode Communities
Address: 2420 E. Cesar Chavez Ave., Boyle Heights
Estimated Completion Date: May 2023
Estimated Cost: $36.7 million

Adams Terrace
The project, currently under construction, will have 41 affordable units, 43 supportive units and two manager units.
Developer: Abode Communities
Architect: Abode Communities
Address: 4314 and 4347 W. Adams Blvd., Jefferson Park
Estimated Completion Date: June 2022
Estimated Cost: $36.6 million

Rose Hill Courts
R.D. Olson Construction has started construction on the first phase of Rose Hill Courts, a public housing complex that will ultimately double in size to have more than 185 affordable housing units for low, very low and extremely low-income families.
Developer: Related California and Housing Authority of the City of Los Angeles
Architect: Withee Malcolm Architects
Address: 4466 and 4486 Florizel St., Montecito Heights
Estimated Completion Date: 2023 (phase one)
Estimated Cost: $33 million (phase one)

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