Acre Venture Partners
(310) 912-2495
Top Local Executive:

Gareth Asten, Co-Founder, Partner
Industry Focus Food

Alpha Edison
(323) 579-2050
Top Local Executive:

Nick Grouf, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology

(424) 261-2676
Top Local Executive:

Paul Bricault, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Internet, digital media, mobile, ecommerce, gaming, software

Angeleno Group
(310) 552-2790
Top Local Executive:

 Yaniv Tepper, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Clean energy, power and natural resources, climate solutions technology

Anthem Venture Partners
(310) 899-6225
Top Local Executive: Bill Woodward, Partner
Industry Focus Internet, media, software, semiconductors

Arcturus Capital
(626) 578-5700
Top Local Executive:

Donald Hall, Managing Director
Industry Focus Optics, wireless, information technology, software, internet, biotechnology

Arena Ventures
Top Local Executive:

Paige Craig, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Health, finance

B Capital Group
(310) 698-1270
Top Local Executive: Raj Ganguly, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer, financial, health, travel

BAM Ventures
Top Local Executive: Brian Lee, Co-Founder, Managing Director
Industry Focus Ecommerce

Baroda Ventures
(310) 276-0005
Top Local Executive: David Bohnett, Founder
Industry Focus Information technology, internet, ecommerce

Bonfire Ventures
(310) 498-9994
Top Local Executive: 

Jim Andelman, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Software, HR tech, security, logistics, marketing technology

Calibrate Ventures
(650) 843-5000
Top Local Executive: Jason Schoettler, Partner
Industry Focus Commerce, enterprise, connected platforms

California Technology Ventures
(626) 351-3700
Top Local Executive: Alex Suh, Founding Managing Director
Industry Focus Information technology, life science

Canyon Creek Capital
(818) 522-7480
Top Local Executive:

 Buck Jordan, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology, automation, AI, augmented reality

Clearstone Venture Partners
(310) 460-7900
Top Local Executive:

Bill Elkus, Managing Director
Industry Focus Technology

Cobalt Capital
(310) 622-4500
Top Local Executive:

Rick Hess, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Consumer technology

Core Innovation Capital
(323) 951-1505
Top Local Executive:

Arjan Schutte, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Financial services, payments, specialty credit, future of work, health care, insuretech

Creative Artists Agency
(424) 288-2000
Top Local Executive:

 Michael Blank, Head of Consumer Investments
Industry Focus Digital media, social, ecommerce, content, gaming

CrossCut Ventures
Top Local Executive:

Brian Garrett, Managing Director
Industry Focus Consumer internet, enterprise software, gaming

Draper Frontier
(424) 354-2244
Top Local Executive:

David Cremin, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Mobile-driven technologies

Embark Ventures
Top Local Executive:

Peter Lee, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Cybersecurity, robotics/AI/ML, health technology, advanced manufacturing and materials

Fifth Wall Ventures
(310) 270-7150
Top Local Executive:

 Brad Greiwe, Co-Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology, real estate

Fika Ventures
(405) 759-0034
Top Local Executive:

 TX Zhuo, General Partner
Industry Focus Enterprise software, fintech, marketplaces, digital health

(213) 896-7126

 Top Local Executive: 
Dana Settle, Partner
Industry Focus Digital media, ecommerce, advertising technology, software, gaming, fintech

Griffin Gaming Partners
Top Local Executive:

Phil Sanderson, Managing Director
Industry Focus Gaming

Kairos Ventures
(310) 271-1866
Top Local Executive:

Jim Demetriades, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Biotechnology, health care

Mac Venture Capital
(212) 960-3948
Top Local Executive:

Marlon Nichols, Managing General Partner
Industry Focus Media, education, commerce, fintech, food

March Capital Partners
(310) 460-7900
Top Local Executive:

Jamie Montgomery, Managing Director
Industry Focus Technology

Mucker Capital
(310) 271-1866
Top Local Executive:

Erik Rannala, Partner
Industry Focus Internet, software

Omninet Capital
(310) 300-4100
Top Local Executive:

Neil Kadisha, CEO
Industry Focus Mobile applications, content, community, commerce, medical

Palisades Growth Capital
(310) 571-6214
Top Local Executive:

Paul D’Addario, Co-Founder, Partner
Industry Focus Software, mobile, technology-enabled businesses

Plus Capital
(310) 577-6700
Top Local Executive: Adam Lilling, Managing Director
Industry Focus Consumer, digital media, food and beverage, health and wellness

Powerplant Ventures
(310) 321-7814
Top Local Executive: Kevin Boylan, Partner
Industry Focus Consumer products, food technology, agriculture technology

Pritzker Group Venture Capital
(310) 575-9400
Top Local Executive: Tony Pritzker, Founder
Industry Focus Enterprise software, consumer internet, health care IT, emerging tech

Shea Ventures
(909) 594-9500
Top Local Executive:

 John Morrissey, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Technology

Sound Ventures
Top Local Executive:

 Ashton Kutcher, Principal
Industry Focus Technology, entertainment

Steamboat Ventures
(818) 858-1890
Top Local Executive:

 John Ball, Founder, Managing Director
Industry Focus Information technology, media, software technology

Struck Capital
(561) 289-0486
Top Local Executive: Adam Struck, General Partner
Industry Focus Technology, software, finance, virtual reality

Summation Health Ventures
(562) 432-0051
Top Local Executive: Brant Heise, Senior Managing Director
Industry Focus Health care

TenOneTen Ventures
Top Local Executive: David Waxman, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Data, mobile, enterprise, AI, machine learning, internet

Tiller Partners
(510) 421-1887
Top Local Executive: Csaba Konkoly, General Partner
Industry Focus Health, food, consumer, technology

Touchdown Ventures
(856) 431-3535
Top Local Executive:

 Scott Lenet, Founder, President
Industry Focus Industry agnostic

Trousdale Ventures
(424) 343-0233
Top Local Executive: Phillip Sarofim, Founder, CEO
Industry Focus Better-for-you consumer brands, hospitality, life sciences, automotive, technology, mobility, sports

TYLT Ventures
(310) 434-1921
Top Local Executive: Rami Rostami, Managing Member
Industry Focus Consumer, ecommerce, food, fintech, AI, dental, hardware

United Talent Agency
(310) 273-6700
Top Local Executive: Sam Wick, Head of Ventures
Industry Focus Entertainment

Upfront Ventures
(310) 785-5100
Top Local Executive: Yves Sisteron, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Software, commerce, marketplaces, fintech, sustainability

Wavemaker Partners
(310) 861-2103
Top Local Executive: Eric Manlunas, Founder, Managing Partner
Industry Focus Mobile, software, internet

WME Ventures
(310) 285-9000
Top Local Executive: Patrick Whitesell, Co-CEO
Industry Focus Media, entertainment

Zuma Ventures
(310) 270-7150
Top Local Executive: David Carter, CEO
Industry Focus Software

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